Alexa Bliss Reportedly Frustrated With WWE Creative, Backstage Talk On Her Status

Alexa Bliss has been off WWE TV since the Women's Elimination Chamber Match on February 19, and there's still no solid word on when she will be back, but it's no secret within WWE that she has been frustrated.

While Bliss returned at WWE Elimination Chamber following a series of vignettes that came after she'd been sidelined for months, Fightful Select now reports that there was still no substantial creative direction for Bliss when she was brought back to work the Elimination Chamber.

Bliss reportedly voiced displeasure over her lack of creative direction in the days following Elimination Chamber, and this was known by talent, creative writers, and higher-ups.

Bliss was reportedly willing to work WrestleMania 38, but she obviously was not used, and was not in Texas for the big event. Word is that there were pitches made for Bliss to get involved in the match between Becky Lynch and new RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair, but those ideas were quickly shot down. It wasn't clear if the pitches came from Bliss herself, or from someone on the WWE creative team.

It was noted that by the end of February, it was pretty well determined that Bliss would not be on the WrestleMania card. The priority of booking Bliss reportedly shifted significantly after the vignettes aired in the lead-up to Elimination Chamber.

Bliss was said to be very transparent about being frustrated over the fact that nothing of substance had been booked for her after returning from a lengthy hiatus. There was talk that Bliss had voiced her frustration directly to WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon.

It was recently reported that Bliss is still listed internally as the #2 babyface on the RAW women's roster, behind Belair. Despite the listing on internal depth charts, there is still no sign of plans to bring her back any time soon, but anything is possible.

Bliss and singer Ryan Cabrera tied the knot on April 9 in Palm Desert, California, and have been on their honeymoon.

Stay tuned for more on Bliss' WWE status.