During the latest episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, former AEW superstar Big Swole joined the show to talk about her relationship with her husband Cedric Alexander. Swole mentioned how the two first met and revealed how long they’ve been together.

“About 10 years, married for almost four,” Swole said. “I saw him at a pro wrestling show in Carolina, my friend was like ‘hey, can you drive me to my show?’ I was like, alright, fine, I’ll take you to your show, give me gas money or whatever. I’m thinking it’s 30 minutes away, that mug was three hours and like 10 minutes away. He did not know how to drive a stick shift so it was just me, six hours and 25 minutes because I lived out in the boonies in North Carolina. I learned a lesson that day, let me tell you, I had my Marvin the Martian hat on, I was in scrubs. But, I saw Cedric walk past and he perked me right up. I was like ‘who is this man with the fat a**.’

Continuing to talk about her marriage with Cedric Alexander, Big Swole mentioned how they started talking and revealed the moment that escalated their relationship. The former AEW star talked about Cedric having a thing with another talent at the time and how she swooped in and took him away from that person.

“I love booty in general, I don’t care who it’s on,” Swole said. “I saw him and I was like, I’ve got to talk to this man and I looked at what I was wearing and was like, damn you, Robyn. He told me everything about him, I stole his number out of Robyn’s phone and I walked right up to Cedric and introduced myself, and then I punched him in the chest. It was very like, kids, grade school type things just to see if it works because confidence was just through the roof. I punched him and he ended up liking it. He’ll never let me live this down like he was talking to somebody. They were not dating, it was still fair game.

“They were talking or whatever and I ended up telling him to walk me out to my car at this second show and ended up giving him a kiss. I said you’re going to end up coming to see me one day and then I looked over my shoulder and homegirl is just staring and looking. I was like, you know what? If you had this man like you thought you did, you should’ve been over here snatching him back, but she didn’t.

“He ended up driving back from an ROH show, and this is how I knew it was real. He drove from Baltimore back home because he had to do something for his mom, and then he got back in the car that same day, and drove three hours to come see me. I was like, I think this is going to be a little bit more. At first, I was thinking this was just going to be a fling, we had a moment where we looked at each other and it was like, I think this is going to be a little bit more. What sealed it was I told him to choose a movie for us to watch the next day, and I have hella movies, and he picked ‘The Five Heartbeats’ which is my favorite movie of all time.”

Speaking of Big Swole, during a recent interview she reflected on her time with AEW and mentioned why she was the perfect person to turn AEW star Britt Baker heel on. Since leaving AEW, Swole has spoken about the issues she had with the company and specifically AEW Owner Tony Khan, talking about him smoking her weed and then treating her negatively.

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