During the recent Under The Ring Podcast, Billy Corgan spoke about having one foot in the music industry and his other in wrestling.

Corgan chose rockstars he believed would thrive inside the ring, making it clear that Jon Moxley gives rockstar vibes.

“Right off the top of my head, like imagine Vince Neil and Tommy Lee from Motley Crue as a tag team. Like The Freebirds, but more like an 80s rocker type of thing. It’d definitely draw money, right? In the reverse, Moxley. Moxley has a rockstar charisma,” Corgan said. “He just does. Rockstars have a kind of weird thing where you kind of can’t stop looking at them.

“People usually akin it to beauty, and there are, of course, beautiful rockstars. Moxley has got that weird thing like Kurt Cobain had, like Iggy Pop has. You just kind of look at him. He’s got kind of a rugged charisma, and I’m sure his wife would agree. You could definitely see Moxley fronting a band.”

Billy Corgan is right to call Moxley “rugged” as he was most recently seen on AEW Rampage battling Wheeler Yuta. The bloody confrontation concluded with William Regal shaking Yuta’s hand to seemingly welcome him into the Blackpool Combat Club. Ahead of the confrontation, Yuta spoke about how his perception of Moxley has changed.

“Moxley and I have had a few battles before,” Yuta said. “The first one, I don’t know if you could call it a battle. A massacre would probably be a better assessment of that. I think it lasted maybe less than three minutes. But, now, now it’s a different ball game. I’m not scared of Moxley anymore. There’s nothing he can do to me that he hasn’t already done to me.

“He has beaten me down, bruised me, battered me. All I can do now is give my best and show that I deserve to be in there. I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve, I think, tonight. We’ll see. My goal is to earn his respect, and if not, just get that win. Tonight’s definitely a level up for me.”

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