During the latest Hall Of Fame podcast episode, Booker T discussed what he would do with Cody Rhodes in WWE.

While speaking about the possibility of The Rock and Roman Reigns headlining WrestleMania 39, Booker made it clear Cody could take the title from Roman ahead of that confrontation. WWE could then switch gears if the company wants the title involved with Roman and Rock.

“I don’t see why Cody can’t take the title off Roman in the meantime,” he said. “Roman could easily get it back by the time WrestleMania comes back around, we’ve got plenty of time to be able to switch that back, if that’s the route we are going to go in. If that’s the route they’re thinking, I suggest yes, we go that route of Rock and Roman, because it’s money.”

Booker T went on to claim that putting the World Title on Cody Rhodes would be unique. He believes that the American Nightmare is in the position for that to happen relatively quickly in WWE.

“For me, this is a case of giving the fans something totally different and unique,” he said. “We’ve talked about it, there is no way that we cannot give the people exactly the story as written. Just because, a lot of people want to see that story. A lot of people wanted to see me win against Triple H, and just think about how many people are still talking about that story today because it didn’t happen.

“Cody is in a position for that to happen for him. It seems to be something that we are working towards happening here relatively quickly.”

The Hall Of Famer then looked at things from a promoter’s point of view. If it was up to him, Booker T would strap a rocket on Cody and give him the title.

“From a promoter’s standpoint, having a small little company here in Texas, called Reality Of Wrestling, I would put the rocket on him, put the title on him, and boom, create some magic. Totally the unexpected,” he exclaimed. “The expected, but totally the unexpected because just people do not think WWE is going to go that route.”

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