AEW’s Nyla Rose was a recent guest on The Battleground Podcast where she discussed the possibility of Cody Rhodes returning to AEW in the future.

The Native Beast admitted that selfishly that would be good to see, but if Cody is happy, then she is happy.

“If pro wrestling, I’m not even going to say AEW, if pro wrestling has been any indication, I can’t speculate, anything is possible. We have seen things this past year that have just come out of complete left field. Selfishly, I would love to see that,” Nyla said. “I miss my friends; I miss seeing people that I like backstage.

“Cody and Brandi have been absolutely wonderful to me, and I would love to see them more. But if they’re happy, I am happy. Like I always say, if you like it, I love it. So, that’s important to me, their happiness, that Liberty is doing good, and it looks like she is, so thumbs up to them.”

Nyla Rose has worked alongside Vickie Guerrero for a long time now and the AEW star revealed that Vickie also has a big impact behind the scenes with the young talent.

“I’m not going to peel the curtain back too much, but Vickie is a huge asset backstage,” she said. “Helping some of the younger talents with their promos, just putting herself out there, being a part of it. Here she is, and she’s not necessarily an in-ring talent per se, but she’s right there with us at practice, she’s watching us, giving us feedback.

“She’s, like I said, helping people out with promos, helping people out with merch ideas, helping as far as setting up the locker room. She is just such a huge asset and kind of like road mom if you will.”

While Nyla Rose has still got plenty in the tank as far as wrestling, she’s already looking to the future. Nyla admitted she wants to work with AEW for the rest of her life and a possible managerial and producing role interests her.

“I have got the sickness, I have got the wrestling sickness, I am down with the sickness. I don’t want to go anywhere, honestly, I would love to be part of this industry until my last breath. As morbid as that is,” she added. “After I can no longer be in the ring, I would love to be someone else’s Vickie. I’d love to take on that role and still be involved, and maybe dual duties and work backstage as a producer, just some kind of way to constantly be in touch with this industry, in touch with AEW. I would just love to work here for the rest of my life.”

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