Nearly 25 years after it occurred, the Montreal Screwjob remains a hot button topic in pro wrestling, even for someone close to the situation like Brian Hebner.

Hebner’s father, Earl Hebner, was an integral part of the Montreal Screwjob, but while he believes his father’s side of the story it doesn’t stop Brian Hebner from believing the incident between Bret Hart and Vince McMahon was on the up and up.

In an appearance on The Angle Podcast, Brian Hebner revealed his belief that the Montreal Screwjob was a work. Hebner also admitted this isn’t a new theory for him; he has felt this way about the Montreal Screwjob ever since it happened.

“I thought it was a work the whole time, and still do to this day,” Hebner admitted. “I think it was one done exactly properly done. I just don’t believe it really worked out the way we are told. I know my dad’s end is true, but I don’t think that’s the way it went. I think it was worked.”

Brian Hebner also had some comments about the current state of refereeing. He believes too many refs are trying to get themselves over these days, even though Hebner believes fans don’t go to shows to see the referees.

“Nowadays the refs today are trying to get their own s--t in, trying to get their own spots in,” Hebner said. “No one is paying a ticket to sit their ass in a seat for you. Nobody is paying a dollar to see you do anything in that ring. They may respect what you do, but they are not paying to see you.”

Later, Brian Hebner was asked about whether his father and uncle, Dave Hebner, both long-time referees in WWE and other companies, should be put into the WWE Hall of Fame. Not only does Hebner wish this would happen, he believes it would make his father and uncle very happy.

“I would love to see my uncle and dad get what they deserve, that being going into the Hall of Fame,” Hebner said. “That’s the biggest, the most epic place to go. I think they deserve it and there’s nobody on this planet who can tell me why they shouldn’t. For them, that would be the chapter that would make a lot of people happy, including them.”

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