Brody King Describes Buddy Murphy’s Backstage Demeanor

AEW Star and House of Black member, Brody King, recently appeared on an episode of the Wrestling Perspective Podcast where he discussed The House of Black and tag team wrestling as a whole.

Throughout his wrestling career, Brody King has been a part of a couple of different teams. Villain Enterprises, Kings of the Black Throne, and more recently, The House of Black, just to name a few. King was questioned whether or not he was happy being a part of teams.

"It's funny because I've never considered myself like a tag team wrestler, and you know, it wasn't until recently when I was like, well... I've won the Crockett Cup, I've won the NWA tag team title, I've won the Ring of Honor tag team title, I've won the PWG tag team titles. I guess I am a tag team wrestler. But like, in my mind it's like, I'm a singles wrestler, but I guess I just work really well with a team."

On the indies, King teamed with Malakai Black, who was then known as Tommy End, as The Kings of the Black Throne. When King first arrived in AEW, he was instantly reunited with his former tag team partner. Brody King was asked whether or not he wanted House of Black to happen.

"I think I very much wanted it [House of Black] to happen. Especially once Tom- Malakai, was released from WWE, and it became more of a possibility, it was like, this could be really cool. There's no other tag team, maybe in history, that looks the way that we do. It's like, you know there's a lot of tattooed wrestlers, but there isn't like, heavily tattooed wrestlers, like the two of us.

"And obviously, our styles are very much different, but they also compliment each other. You know I feel like both of us have a lot of real-life experience with, maybe, you know, getting into fights. So it's like, we got that little grit to us as well."

Buddy Matthews is the newest member of The House of Black. During his time in WWE Matthews, then known as Buddy Murphy, had a short feud with Malakai Black. A feud in which Malakai came out on top. When the topic of Buddy Matthews came around, he was called the odd man out aesthetically, and when asked about the most the recent House of Black member, this is what King had to say.

"He [Buddy Matthews] looks, I feel like, if Buddy just looked like a normal guy, it might be a little bit more jarring. But like, he is so unbelievably jacked, it's almost like I don't know of another person that looks the way he does. You know you got Brian Cage or like someone else but Buddy is just this massive human with the most muscle definition I've ever seen and he looks like he's gonna kick the sh*t out of you at all times."

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