Conrad Thompson Reveals Vision For Revamped Ric Flair Podcast

Podcast host Conrad Thompson spoke at the Ad Free Supershow Media Scrum at WrestleMania weekend on his many podcasts, including his upcoming one with father-in-law Ric Flair. Conrad Thompson talked about his vision for the Flair podcast.


"My vision for Ric's show has always been to walk, sort of cover myself up in the nostalgia," Thompson said. "Who better to do that than Ric. So I think we will do guests occasionally. I think that we'll fan questions, but I think we'll do a lot of watch alongside. I want to see, I got lucky enough years ago to watch Ric and Steamboat from Chi-Town Rumble. He had never seen it back. Like that was pretty cool to have him be able to watch that back never having sat down and watched it and say,'oh here's what I was thinking. I remember right here, we tried to do blah blah blah.'"

Conrad Thompson also talked about the changes in podcasting since he first started. He believes the biggest difference is the larger emphasis on video in addition to audio.


"There's more of an emphasis on video now, maybe more than ever before," Thompson said. "Podcasting used to be something that was consumed one way and it feels like some of our shows, Ric's show in particular, do very, very well on Youtube. And I think that there is more of an appetite for videos. So I've been working on a show. I've got nine or 10 shows to pen right now where it's heavy emphasis on video. I haven't announced it yet, but we're going to continue to try to evolve as much as we can. I think podcasting is just getting started. It really comes down to content creation."

Several of Conrad Thompson's podcasts, including ones featuring Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard, have earned a reputation of stretching the truth when it comes to Bischoff and Prichard's recollections. According to Thompson however, no one is trying to mislead the audience.

"We're trying to create a good show, but I don't think any of our hosts intentionally lie," Thompson said. "I think they're misremembering things. I think they have their perspective. I bet if we were to interview, you know, somebody after a relationship and a boyfriend and girlfriend break up, they've both got different stories to tell now. So I think that's what it probably is more than anything. It's hard for me to imagine that Bruce or Eric or anybody sits down and says 'okay, I'm going to lie today.'"


You can watch the full scrum below.