Daniel Garcia: “I Think I Fit The Mold Of A Sports Entertainer Perfectly”

AEW's Daniel Garcia recently spoke with the What Culture Wrestling Podcast about becoming a sports entertainer. He recently transitioned to pushing that message by joining the Jericho Appreciation Society, which claims is where he will become rich. Garcia pushed the idea that he is handsome, and fits the idea of being a sports entertainer perfectly.

"There's a big difference between pro wrestlers and sports entertainers, I think I just fit the mold of a sports entertainer perfectly," he said. "I am charismatic, I think I am pretty handsome, I am a good-looking guy, I think I fit the role of a sports entertainer perfectly. I feel like I am one of the only sports entertainers on the AEW roster.

"Same thing with Chris Jericho, I think he's really taken me under his wing. He is teaching me how to excel at being a sports entertainer, because that's where you make money. That's where you become rich, that's where you become one of the greatest of all time. Chris Jericho is going to teach me how to do that."

For Daniel Garcia, he believes that Eddie Guerrero is the blueprint for someone who can be a sports entertainer, and a legitimate wrestler. The legendary star is the mold for him of someone that could do both sides of the business.

"You can be a legit wrestler, and still be a sports entertainer," he said. "Any style can be sports entertaining. Eddie Guerrero, incredible in-ring wrestler, greats sports entertainer. I feel like that is the mold that is the blueprint of being what a great professional wrestler is, and a great sports entertainer."

Prior to him teaming up with Chris Jericho, many fans wanted to see Daniel Garcia work with Bryan Danielson. That's something that the Blackpool Combat Club member himself spoke about at times. For Garcia, he didn't want to learn how to be a better wrestler, as he's already good. He wanted to become a great sports entertainer, which Jericho is teaching him.

"The Bryan Danielson thing was cool. In every interview I saw with him he talked about how he wanted to be in a group with me. How he wanted to take me under his wing," Garcia said. "But then the Jericho thing came about, and I wanted to learn how to be a sports entertainer. I didn't want to learn how to be a good wrestler, because I am already a good wrestler. I'm already a good wrestler, but now I need to become a great sports entertainer. That's what Chris Jericho is going to teach me how to do.

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