DDP Details The Origins Of Scott Hall Throwing The Toothpick

Many wrestling fans may not know that Scott Hall's first big break in WCW during the 1990's was as the Diamond Studd, a member of a stable managed by DDP, Diamond Dallas Page. In the latest episode of the DDP Snake Pit podcast, DDP talked about the first promo the two friends ever cut together, and revealed the origin of Hall's famous toss of his toothpick.


"I go, 'this is what we're going to do at the end of the promo.' And this is our first promo," DDP said. "I said, go, 'we both take them out of our mouth and flick them into the camera.' And during the promo, my toothpick fell out of my mouth. And I was like, 'noooooo. Like, oh, man. That was such a great gimmick,' and boy, that's a God moment, you know? He took that toothpick out. Ding. And you know, Bad Guy was born, man."

AEW star Jake Roberts also talked about Scott Hall, in particular his finishing move, best known as both the Razor's Edge and the Outsider's Edge, depending on if Hall was in WWE or WCW. Roberts talked about how impressive the move was and how easily Hall pulled the move off.


"I d-mn sure couldn't have ever done it," Roberts admitted. "I always had the idea that, when you come up with your finishing maneuver, make sure you can do it to everyone in case you ever have to wrestle them. But Scott, he put 300 pounders up there. He didn't give a sh-t. He could do it. He was a horse, man.

"He was super strong and once he got you up, he could walk around. I could never do something like that. Hell, I couldn't put up my sister like that, are you kidding me? But he did it and it looked so magnificent when he holds you up there. Just the sign of the cross in my mind plays with me. So, it impressed."

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