Wrestling has more than one royal family, and now Cody Rhodes will have more than one fan that has the same Nightmare Family tattoo as him.

Cody Rhodes himself had a hand in this development, liking a tweet where a fan stated on Twitter he would get the Nightmare Family logo tattooed on his finger if Rhodes’ “liked” their tweet.

“If Cody Rhodes likes this, I’ll tattoo his logo on my finger,” the fan tweeted.

Upon Rhodes liking the tweet, the fan did confirm he would indeed get the tattoo next Thursday after getting off of work. No word on which finger the fan will get the Nightmare Family logo tattooed on, though he did later state he would be open to getting it elsewhere if the design wouldn’t come out well.

“This ain’t an L!” the fan tweeted. “It’s a W!” And I’m not a pwussy. APPOINTMENT HAS BEEN MADE FOR NEXT THURSDAY WHEN I’M OFF WORK!”

That was not the end of Cody Rhodes’ tattoo-related adventures on social media, however. Upon seeing a photo of a fan getting the Nightmare Family logo tattooed on his back, Rhodes commented complimenting the tattoo, while also pointing out its similarities to the Superman is Dead logo.

“Nice!” Rhodes tweeted. “The Supes’ Dead version of the logo was pretty underrated imo.”

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