Jeff Hardy Admits It Hurts To Hit The Swanton Bomb

AEW star Jeff Hardy knows this is the last run the Hardy Boyz will have, and not just because they've said it multiple times. At the Ad Free Supershow Media Scrum, Jeff Hardy talked about how the age of both him and his brother Matt Hardy, as well as AEW being the ideal spot, makes it a fitting place for the Hardy's to wind down their career.

"Our last run," Hardy said. "We're getting older, you know? I'm 44, Matt's 45, 46, 47. So I mean, it's our last run. It's gonna be special and I think AEW is the place we can actually do that open-minded. Like, it's free. So it feels so good. I'm right exactly where I'm supposed to be."

There's recently been talk about Jeff Hardy's use of the Swanton Bomb, which has appeared to be a painful move for Hardy to perform and his opponent to take. Hardy confirmed that was in fact the case.

"Yeah, it hurts. It hurts," Hardy said. "It hurts the guy. It's no longer the Swanton Bomb, it's the Crouton Bomb. The other night with Marc Quen, I just crushed him. It was terrible. It used to be, but actually we had an indie show with nZo and Cass and I really took care of him, man. So I rolled right off him. It's one of those things, man. As you get older, you kind of like, lose control on certain things."

You can watch the full scrum below.