Kevin Owens On What He Would Like To Do After He Is Done Wrestling

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens recently spoke with MackMania about his decision to re-sign with the company.

KO admitted that it ended up being an easy decision because the locker room and crew have become like a family for him.


"I've been here for seven years and I've created bonds with people here that, and I'm not just talking about people in the ring or in the locker room. But like, great guys, you know," he said. "We have a really incredible crew from top to bottom from the camera people to the production teams to the, like our parking attendants. Like, we have an incredible family.

"It really is what and so originally, even the thought of not seeing those people every week was something that I was struggling with in the first place. But then, WWE made it clear they wanted me to stay, and like I said, I feel like I belong here. So it ultimately ended up being a pretty easy decision."

Kevin Owens has confirmed that he is going to be around for a while stating that when his current deal ends, he doesn't see himself retiring just yet.


"I signed a new contract, so I'll be here for a little while doing this and once that contract's done, I really don't see myself not being in the ring for many, many more years. But, I really enjoy the other side of it where, I enjoy watching other people do well. And if, you know, when I'm in the locker room, and some other people come up to me for advice, I enjoy giving it to them.

"Then I enjoy seeing them put it in practice and then if it works for them, that's a great feeling. I just really take, I really take to see other people do well. So I think I get as much satisfaction from that, if not, more honestly than when I'm, because I've accomplished so much in my career and this weekend's gonna be insane as well."

When Owens does decide to retire from professional wrestling, he does not want to leave the industry. That's because he has his eye on a potential backstage role.

"Once I'm not in the ring actively anymore, I really think I'll just hopefully have a role backstage somehow. Or even maybe do commentary," he teased. "Those are all things I really enjoy. So, I don't see myself going anywhere. And hopefully, I can help, you know, people that are here now. And people that are here in the future like, like others that are helping me now, you know?"


Kevin Owens also spoke about NXT 2.0, and in particular, the Diamond Mine faction. He made it clear that he thinks those in the group are great and he would only go to the show in order to be a member of the group.

"I really get a huge kick out of, his name Malcolm Bivens. Yeah, I think he's, I've really, I've enjoyed him for years, and I think he's doing great. And actually, the Creed Brothers are pretty awesome too every time I see them. Ivy Nile is awesome," he added. "His crew, he's got a great crew. So those are the people that stand out to me today too and Bivens is at the forefront. I think he helps everybody in his crew. If I were to go to NXT 2.0, I would only accept to do so if I were a member of Diamond Mine."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit MackMania for the quotes with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.