Kevin Owens Taunts Cody Rhodes With Young Bucks Pose In WWE RAW Dark Main Event

As noted earlier, the dark main event after Monday's WWE RAW at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX saw Cody Rhodes defeat Kevin Owens. The match started with a handshake and a hug, and also included a spot where Ata Johnson, the mother of WWE Legend The Rock, held Owens at ringside while Rhodes delivered chops and a Bionic Elbow.


The match went around 6 minutes and ended with a CrossRhodes to Owens. After the match, Rhodes took the mic and said a few words to the fans in Dallas, wishing them a good night.

In an update, there was another spot in the match where Owens did The Young Bucks' signature pose over Rhodes while he was down on the mat. You can see a photo of the taunt below, courtesy of @kimberlasskick, and a clip.

Owens, Rhodes and The Young Bucks have not commented on the taunt as of this writing, but it appears to be all in good fun as Owens is longtime friends with The Bucks.

Stay tuned for more from RAW. You can also see full video from Rhodes vs. Owens below, along with footage from RAW: