Matt Hardy Weighs In On Cody Rhodes’ Decision To Leave AEW For WWE

During the latest episode of The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy, the AEW star commented on Cody Rhodes joining WWE.

The American Nightmare returned to the company at WrestleMania 38, and Matt felt it was done really well. Hardy revealed that during his time with AEW, he and Cody had built a good relationship.

"I thought it was done really well, and I am happy for him," he said. "I have always had a very good relationship with Cody, I spent a lot of time with Cody, obviously, during the pandemic era. We were stuck in Jacksonville, and you know we would do a live Dynamite, and then we would tape the next day the Dynamite for the following week. Then Tony Khan was looking to get a lot of footage and content at that time, so we were just doing hours upon hours of Dark.

"Sometimes we would be in Daily's Place until 3 am in the morning, recording stuff for Dark, or whatever. So, there was a lot of time that I spent with all those AEW guys, the guys in the very beginning of AEW, especially in the pandemic era. Obviously, we spent a lot of time together. So I actually grew really close with Cody during that time."

Matt Hardy pointed out that it is always a shame to see a friend leave a company but believes that unless you're the top talent in a promotion, it is beneficial to move around to stay fresh.

"It always sucks to see someone leave, especially when you're buddies, and you work together, and you're acquaintances, and you have a great relationship. But it's also, you're happy for them," he said. "Whenever they go somewhere else, and they're going to be successful. And it's kind of like, they get a new lease on life. You have to do that in wrestling, and I feel like I am a prime example of that.

"You can't stay in one place for too long. Unless you're the guy, the guy, and there's only a few of those. There's going to be an Undertaker, there's going to be a Roman Reigns. There's going to be a guy that is like the guy, the guy in a place. But everybody else, you have to keep moving around to keep yourself hot, and relevant, and new, and fresh."

Matt Hardy made it clear that he is happy for Cody Rhodes on his success and believes Cody and Seth Rollins tore the house down. He also gave credit to AEW, as their presentation was used.

"So, I was very happy for Cody. I thought his presentation was great, it was AEW Cody, which is cool. And also a big hats off to AEW for creating such an amazing character on their television, between Tony and AEW. So, I was very happy for him, and they had a killer match. Him and Seth Rollins really tore the house down."

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