Paul Heyman Reveals He Is In Talks With WWE About A Potential Podcast

Paul Heyman recently talked to Sports Media with Richard Deitsch about the possibility of doing his own podcast. This is something people have called for him to do for a while. He revealed at one stage one almost happened alongside Ariel Helwani.


"I have been dabbling with the idea of a podcast since, probably 2010, maybe 11. I was inches away from doing one with Ariel Helwani, this was before I returned to WWE. Where he would cover mixed martial arts, and I would cover pro wrestling/sports entertainment, and then we'd switch during the podcast. Then we'd show the other perspective," he said. "At the last second, we pulled out of that deal. I have come very close a couple of times, and just decided not to do it. Despite an enormous amount of money being thrown my way about it."

Paul Heyman then revealed that he is in talks with WWE about potentially creating one. This would be an uncensored situation, but he doesn't plan on committing unless it is right.


"There's a concept to do it now, it would be with WWE," he claimed. "It would be uncensored by them, free rein, and it's being talked about. It's not the first time we've talked about it, we have talked about it multiple times over the past few years. I am not going to do it unless it's done right, it would have to be done right."

When asked if doing a podcast under the WWE banner as an employee would be hard, Paul Heyman claimed it is the opposite. For him, that is where the fun comes in, showcasing him try to navigate those waters.

"100 percent, that's why it would be so much fun," he admitted. "Is watching me A, navigate the conflict, and B, pushing up against. Again, I won't do it if it's not done right. I wouldn't compromise my alleged integrity just for the payday, nor to do the podcast, and then shy away from things."

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