AEW star Peter Avalon sat down with Wrestling Epicenter to talk about his career, including his stint with AEW, which has continued since the start of the company.

Avalon called AEW life-changing and confirmed he is still with the company, with him scheduled to appear at AEW tapings at the end of this month.

“All Elite Wrestling has changed my life,” Avalon said. “Like you said, I’m an original! From day one, I’m loyal to AEW. I’m scheduled to appear at the end of this month back with All Elite Wrestling. I’m excited for that to be amongst the exciting things happening backstage and in the ring over there.”

Peter Avalon was also asked about the departure of Cody Rhodes, who left AEW in February to return to WWE, which he did at WrestleMania 38. Avalon has no ill will towards Cody for his departure, and in fact, believes it’s exciting and good for wrestling to have talent jump back and forth from companies.

“It is exciting!” Avalon said. “It is like when Scott Hall went over to WCW and then Jeff Jarrett would go over. Seeing all these big-name wrestlers go and appear on different programs, it was like ‘wow, this is crazy!’ Seeing that happen now! Well, this is crazy! I think it is a good thing because it has people talking and if people are talking, people are making money. Good for Cody!”

Recently, Cody had the following to say about his return to WWE.

“It just was time. I don’t really know how else to put it,” Rhodes said. “It really was time. I loved what I had been doing, I’m so proud of it. I know people aren’t living under a rock. I had come from another company that I loved everything about it, everything. But I needed to move forward. And I got to elaborate a little on that on RAW, which was amazing because I was just able to go out and speak in an unscripted, raw fashion and tell a story about my dad that not everybody knows.

“Some fans know, because I posted about it. I actually have the title I spoke about. But not everyone knows that story, which was my original impetus and whole origin story of wanting to be a wrestler. So to be able to tell the world that was very special and it was a lot of fun on Monday. A lot of online fun as well.”

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