Ronda Rousey Concedes What She Is Dependent On In WWE Matches

Ronda Rousey recently spoke to the Wives Of Wrestling Podcast about her experiences learning to wrestle.

For the former Raw Women's Champion, bumping is one of the easier aspects of the business. She even enjoys bumping to the outside of the ring, as that gets good reactions.


"Bumping is probably one of the easier things for me," she admitted. "I love bumping to the outside. That's one of my favorite things because I always get such a great reaction. It doesn't really feel like much to me."

On the other hand, it is harder when it comes to putting matches together. Rousey admitted she did not have things down heading into her WrestleMania 38 encounter with Charlotte Flair.

"Well, remembering it is hard, I'm not like a seasoned veteran or anything like that," she said. "This past 'Mania, I was like, 'I don't have this down, at all.' We were about to go out there and I'm like, 'uh, I don't know all this match yet.' But all the parts where I wasn't sure what was next was a part where I could get a queue or something from somebody else.


"Like, 'oh yeah, this thing.' But I am very much dependent on who else I am in there with to make the match itself and to guide me when I am out there. I'm like a smoke and mirrors b*tch. I've only had a year and a half of experience, and people forget that a lot."

Ronda Rousey stated she is receptive to the ideas that her opponents put together. She enjoys letting them do whatever they want, seeing what each person comes up with.

"Whoever my opponent is, I also get to hand it to them and be like, 'I am not going to argue with you, you make the match of your dreams. hat do you want it to be? Let's do it.' So, it's been really cool whoever I get to work with," she said. "And see what kind of match is their dream match in that situation."

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