New AEW signing Samoa Joe recently spoke with the media following Ring Of Honor’s Supercard Of Honor show which saw him join the company. Tony Khan admitted that he wanted to sign him immediately, but he wasn’t able to straight away. “No, but I was interested,” he said. “It just never happened, but it worked out great, right?”

Tony Khan is now the owner of Ring Of Honor, and the tape library for the company. Samoa Joe admitted that when he was actually trying to push WWE to make them buy the library. However, he is pleased that Tony Khan ended up with it, knowing how much he loves the product.

“Obviously it was a major surprise to me,” Joe said on Tony buying ROH. “Especially coming from my former position and how hard I was pushing to buy the library for the other company. So, that would be why it’s been such a difficult process. When that did come up, at the same time, having Tony have it and knowing how much he loves wrestling.

“And knowing how much he loved ROH as a product, just from our meetings and our time knowing each other. I knew it would be in good hands, and I knew it would be treated with respect. I knew it would be made available for the fans in the best way possible. So, I was very, very happy.”

Samoa Joe is set to get back into the ring for the company, and he made it clear he’s not around just to be part of the roster. He has set his eyes on becoming a unified World Champion with titles from both AEW and ROH. He also expressed an interest in the Owen Hart tournament.

“The World Champion,” Joe says on where he sees himself. “I mean, that’s why I am here. I tried my bit at bettering the world of professional wrestling. But at the end of the day I am here in AEW, I am here in ROH to be a Unified Champion. I am here to win the AEW Championship, I am here to win the ROH Championship, I am here to win anything they put in front of me.

“Me and Tony have already been talking, I am more than willing to go into the Owen Hart and win that. This ain’t a game anymore. Listen, AEW has got a lot of feel-good moments and great wrestlers that really respect each other, I respect nobody until you’re in the ring with me. Coming out there slapping people in the mouth and taking what they have. That’s pretty much my aim when I am here. Let’s get it real clear. Broadcaster, mentor, good guy, hey, I am all those things. But not here.”

When it comes to potential dream matches, Samoa Joe made it clear that nobody is special or unique. He is seeing everybody as a target, so if anyone has an issue, he will happily change that.

“You know I had a pretty large list of grapples that got listed off, the roster is flushed with those types of individuals. But every day that I go out there, it’s important that everybody knows they’re not special,” he said. “They’re not unique, they’re another target in my way. They’re another person who I must go through to get what I want. So as far as who do I want in AEW? I want it all. If you’ve got an issue, and you think you’re the man in the company, come see me. We will switch that up, we will fix that perception, that’s why I am here.”

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