Several WWE Superstars Reportedly Miss Shows Due To COVID-19

Several WWE Superstars have been missing shows recently due to COVID-19, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

While there were no names specifically mentioned regarding who has tested positive for the virus, at least a couple of wrestlers have been affected. The company hasn't made any announcements about any WWE Superstars contracting COVID-19, and no wrestlers have come out publicly either.


WWE isn't actively testing its WWE Superstars anymore for COVID-19, with the virus slowing down. But talent is obviously still checking themselves when they begin to have symptoms. The company is keeping wrestlers off the shows when they do test positive, in order to minimize the spread.

It was revealed prior to AEW Dynamite that AEW World Champion 'Hangman' Adam Page has tested positive for COVID-19. He was not part of the show this week, and the company reportedly had to do a lot of rewriting because of that situation. Despite not being in attendance, it did get announced that he will be facing CM Punk for the title at Double Or Nothing.

Talk of COVID-19 had slowed down for a while in professional wrestling until recently. At the start of the year, Carmella told the Bare With Us podcast about her experience with the virus.


"You guys, I got the 'vid'. I did, I got it, it got me. I got COVID, I got, got. About what? A week and a half ago, no two weeks ago," Carmella said. "I woke up super just, not feeling well. Just really tired and run down. I took some tests and I was positive. And then, I mean it was kind of like a cold, it was a little bit worse than a cold. I was down and out for like three or four days just not really doing much. But, on the up and up feeling better now.

"However, my lovely fiancé over here was just bragging and bragging and bragging about his immune system and how amazing he is and it's not going to get him. And it's true because he had to test because he was around me. Yeah, we were making out like animals the night before I tested positive and when I was sick. So I don't know how you didn't get it."