Tommaso Ciampa Comments On Dealing With WWE Creative

Tommaso Ciampa has finally made it to the WWE main roster after seven years spent in WWE NXT, officially debuting on RAW this past Monday night.

In an interview with Metro UK, the former NXT Champion said he's willing to do whatever he is asked from WWE creative, saying he isn't hard to please.


"Creatively, I'm not very hard to please in the sense that I just view it as give me five minutes and I'll make it the best five minutes I can, whatever that means,'" Ciampa said. "Whatever I'm asked to do.

"If comedy is in my future, whatever it is, I don't know. I just look at it like there's no ending to this. So if I do comedy for a couple of months, it doesn't mean after that I can't go back and do something else I might enjoy. There's no ending."

Tommaso Ciampa's new comments are a stark contrast from some of his previous statements, with Ciampa previously stating years ago that he never wanted to leave the NXT brand, going as far to even tell WWE officials  he would retire if he were to move up. Tommaso Ciampa reiterated he had no plans to go anywhere in 2021 after the transition from NXT to NXT 2.0 began.


During his debut this week, Ciampa was interviewed during a short backstage segment and interacted with Kevin Owens and Ezekiel as their feud continues developing.