AEW President Tony Khan had given permission to Cody and Dustin Rhodes to appear in the upcoming Dusty Rhodes documentary, according to PWInsider. This is set to be created by A&E, and will take a detailed look at his life and career.

While Cody Rhodes is now employed by WWE, he had agreed to appear while working with AEW. Tony Khan had allowed him to be involved in the project. Meanwhile, Dustin Rhodes is still set to be interviewed. During a recent media scrum, the American Nightmare confirmed that all of Dusty’s children will be involved in this documentary.

Since making his return to WWE, Cody Rhodes has gained a more significant role in the documentary process. He is going to be working as an Executive Producer for the project. The documentary is going to be part of the Biographies series, with The Iron Shiek being confirmed as another part of that.

This isn’t the only time that Tony Khan has allowed one of his talents to work on a WWE-related project. Billy Gunn had previously revealed to Wrestling Inc. that the AEW President has given him to go ahead to be involved in one. That will be based around D-Generation X, and will also be created by A&E.

At the media scrum following his WWE return, Cody Rhodes spoke in detail about this documentary. He made it clear that it was one of the big reasons he returned to the company. He also said it is all about presenting the real story of his father.

“This is great, this is very exciting, this was one of the big pieces of the puzzle in terms of coming back. A&E is doing a documentary on my dad, and I was not worried that they wouldn’t get it right,” he said. “But I know for sure that they will get it right because I am the Executive Producer on it. It’s covering a lot. I wonder if you guys will see his brother’s interviews, and Janie Engle’s interview. Some of these historical figures that surrounded my father.

“I think everybody knows that I have a list of names of all the people that have wronged Dusty over the years. It’s like Arya Stark of people who said this and said this. But in this case, I am just really happy. Let’s present the real story, let’s present what he did with Jim Crockett, what he did with WWF, what he would ultimately do with NXT, let’s present the real story.”

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