Vickie Guerrero Wishes She Could Be AEW’s General Manager

AEW's Vickie Guerrero recently spoke with the What Culture Wrestling Podcast about how much AEW has grown as a company.

Guerrero's AEW role has seen her largely working alongside Nyla Rosa. She says she has also enjoyed seeing new talent join AEW's already loaded roster.


"Yeah, it has grown so much, and we have a lot of talent that Tony Khan has signed," she said. "So, to see everyone grow, and to see the company grow as a whole has been exciting for us. I am happy to be there."

While Vickie Guerrero has done a good job with Nyla, she did admit to being sad she cannot be a general manager. That's a role she thrived in during her WWE career, but AEW does not seem inclined to have an on-screen authority figure.

"Yeah, I mean I am a little sad that I don't play the general manager, I do miss those times a lot," she admitted. "It was so much fun to make out with guys, and hire and fire people, and to slap women, and get away with it, you know? Those were really fun times, so it's kind of a different situation in AEW, and I wish I could do that. But you know, hopefully, I can manage more people."


When it comes to Vickie Guerrero, one of the first things fans think about is her iconic 'Excuse Me' catchphrase. While it is something she frequently uses on television, it is not a phrase she uses in real life.

"You know, I haven't," she said on using it outside of wrestling. "I kind of forget when I'm at home and I'm just plain Vickie in my sweats. But at work, I find those two words really fast. I want to be nice to people, especially at restaurants. I don't want to yell at people because they'll spit in my food."

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