Video: Ric Flair And Jay Lethal Practice In The Ring Together

Ric Flair shared a video today where he is seen training in the ring with AEW's Jay Lethal.

"Someone Had The Audacity This Weekend To Ask Me If I Can Still Do This," Flair wrote in a post on Twitter. "I Said "Really??? Naitch Don't Play!" WOOOOO!"


The video is a little over a minute long. Ric Flair and Lethal share a lockup at the beginning of it which leads to Lethal taking Flair down the mat with a headlock.

The video transitions to another lockup but this time Flair gets the better of Lethal, putting in a hammerlock. Flair grabs Lethal's leg to take him down to the mat where he works on Lethal's other arm.

The video transitions to the most high-impact moment for Flair where Lethal scoops up Flair and delivers a body slam.

A series of shoulder tackles and a hip toss by Flair follows. Moments later, Flair backs Lethal into a corner and fires away with a series of punches, chops, and kicks. Flair whips Lethal into the opposite corner and delivers another chop when he stumbles back to the center of the ring.


The final sequence shows Ric Flair and Lethal exchanging "Woooos", strutting, and exchanging other taunts.

It has been more than a decade since Ric Flair's last professional wrestling match. He lost a one-on-one match to Sting on a September 2011 episode of Impact Wrestling.

Ric Flair has faced numerous health issues since his last match. In 2017, he was placed into a medically induced coma before undergoing colon surgery. Flair spent almost a month in the hospital. The Nature Boy had another health scare in May 2019 that required multiple surgeries.

It should also be noted that he has been removed by WWE in various ways and lost several sponsorships following allegations stemming from the infamous "Plane Ride From Hell" episode of Dark Side of The Ring.

Jay Lethal has frequently paid tribute to Flair during his career. The two had a memorable verbal showdown in TNA back in 2010. It led to a match between the two at the Victory Road pay-per-view where Lethal forced Flair to submit to the Figure Four Leglock. They met in a Street Fight on an episode of Impact Wrestling weeks later, with Flair getting the win.