On the heels of being teased as Wardlow’s next opponent on AEW Dynamite next week, Impact star W. Morrissey joined The Sessions with Renee Paquette to talk about his career and his struggles with alcoholism. W. Morrissey also talked about his time with WWE from 2011 to 2018, and how by the end of his run it felt like the perception of him backstage was terrible. He recalled a situation with Paquette over a misunderstanding in regards to a promo segment that went long that really revealed this to him. Morrissey recalled asking the crew, “are we going through the whole promo?”

“Perception’s reality, and I guess my perception at the time was grandiose ego or out of control,” Morrissey said. “I don’t know. The perception definitely wasn’t good, so I think that when you look at that situation and you’re already very biased towards somebody because they keep fucking up, someone, I don’t know who, must’ve taken it like ‘who the f--k does he think he is? He’s just not going to do rehearsal?’, which wasn’t the intent.

“As I talked to you after, I was like ‘did I seem like I was blowing that off?’ I think everybody, the cameraman was confused. Everybody was very confused. When that happened I kind of knew ‘this is not going to go very well for me the next month or so.’ And I had numerous conversations with you in catering, I remember there was one where I said to you ‘I’m getting fired.’ And you were trying to be a good friend and you’re like ‘oh no.’ And I was like ‘no, I’m definitely getting fired. I knew it.”

W. Morrissey was released from WWE on June 19, 2018, and said the release initially came as a small relief. Ultimately though, he believes the release helped contribute to his alcoholism getting even more out of hand now that he had no more responsibilities.

“Initially it was a small, very small relief because I had known it was coming, but that uncertainty can really eat you alive,” Morrissey said. “Especially at night. You’re trying to fall asleep and you kind of know it’s coming, but you’re not sure. When I got released, that very small amount of time was a relief. But the drinking really got out of hand at that point.

“I had a roof over my head, I had plenty of money in the bank, I had no responsibilities anymore, I had no one to keep me accountable and I was by myself kind of in Tampa, Florida, where no one, none of my family members or my friends from home were around to check on me. It was a recipe for disaster, and it got bad. Looking back now, I’m very, very fortunate that the consequences, I faced some very bad consequences, but I’m fortunate the consequences didn’t end up worse.”

Looking back, W. Morrissey does feel that he really had potential to do something big in wrestling at the time, and still does now. Even still, he believes the release from WWE was a good thing, as he otherwise feels he would’ve kept going down a path that would’ve worsened his alcoholism.

“I feel like I had a lot of potential to better myself and to get really good and to do something big in wrestling,” Morrissey said. “And it’s like ‘well why can’t I do that now?’ It’s only three years later and I’m only 34. And the thing is, I could’ve kept the charade going for years and years and been on WrestleMania and won world titles. But I still would’ve been a raging alcoholic and I would’ve been hiding it more and more and more and more the more success came.

“Everything happens for a reason. I’m grateful I got to the point where I’m at now, because yeah, I could’ve accomplished so many things in wrestling if I had just stayed the course, and didn’t f--k up and make some terrible mistakes. But yeah, I would’ve just still been an alcoholic with a lot of problems that need to be fixed eternally that I was covering up. Everything had to happen for me to get to this point in my life, I truly believe that. But yeah, waste of potential is a hard one, for sure.”

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