AEW’s Wheeler Yuta recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily about being the Pure Champion.

The Blackpool Combat Club star won the title at Supercard Of Honor, and it is something that means a lot to him. That is because he worked in ROH, but during the pandemic era with no fans.

“The Pure Championship means a whole lot to me for like a lot of different reasons,” he said. “One of them was, remember when I was telling you that I thought wrestling was dead, and I would never be able to wrestle again? Well, the first big, big call that I got coming out of all that was from Ring Of Honor. It was to wrestle Jonathan Gresham in the first round of the Pure tournament.

“So, I came up short in that one, and my tenure with Ring Of Honor was not super long, they were not touring. I never got to wrestle in front of a Ring Of Honor crowd, it was all just empty arenas. So, I was happy that I got to wrestle in Ring Of Honor. But, something always kind of felt empty about that time. I did it, but I didn’t really do it.”

For him, winning the Pure Championship was a chance for redemption. Yuta then shared a story about Bryan Danielson telling him that he was the champion now, which meant a lot to him.

“To be able to walk into Supercard, wrestle Josh Woods for the Pure Championship, it felt like it was my chance for redemption. To come out on top, to carry that torch really means a lot,” he said. “Before that tournament, the last person who had that championship was Bryan Danielson, he retired that championship the first time.

“After that Moxley match, he takes the belt, and he goes, ‘this used to be mine, but it’s yours now,’ and then he straps it around me. That was after we went off the air, but that was almost as special to me as winning the title was.

“Knowing the legacy behind it, and knowing personally it fulfilled that gap for me. But also knowing in the long-term, the list of champions if you ever look at it is unreal. It’s short but illustrious.”

Danielson is someone that many fans want to see Wheeler Yuta defend the Pure Title against down the line. He admitted to being open to that possibility, but right now they are focusing on teaming.

“I would be more than happy to, I think Blackpool Combat Club are always up for a fight,” he said. “I think he’d be more than willing, I’d be more than willing. That would be great someday, so hopefully that’s something that happens. But, for right now we are focusing on teaming up, and seeing what we can do in that department, I would say.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily, with a h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

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