Wheeler Yuta Reveals His Most Immediate AEW Goal

Wheeler Yuta was the recent guest on AEW Unrestricted where he reflected on being brutally slapped by William Regal when he initially tried to join the Blackpool Combat Club.

Yuta admitted that his reaction was a genuine one as it fired him up and spoke about the respect he has for the former NXT General Manager.


"It definitely fired me up, that was a real reaction," he said. "Regal is obviously somebody that I have looked up to for a very long time, he's someone that I really appreciate and respect. So just to have that moment, the magnitude of it all.

"He hits me, I look at him, and then for a second I just have a, 'oh wow, that's William Regal, that's Bryan Danielson, that's Jon Moxley, that's pretty cool.' It's an unreal experience, it lit a fire under me. I've got to go prove myself, that's all I'm focused on now."

Wheeler Yuta also reflected on how the coaches have helped him adjust to television on AEW and the best advice he has been given.

"All the coaches have been really helpful. Especially like adjusting the wrestling style to television," he said. "One of the best little pieces of advice anyone has given me was actually Excalibur. He said, 'if you think about wrestling on TV, you kind of have to know that the announcers are explaining everything you do. And one good way to slow things down is, to imagine in your head the commentary. Imagine them talking about what you just did.'


"For me, that helps slow everything down. I want to move a million miles a minute, and go fast, fast, fast, fast. I go, 'hey, take a breath, pace yourself and calm down.' That was really helpful."

Right now, Wheeler Yuta has got three major goals in professional wrestling. Some are immediate, and others are long-term.

"One, I would like to go back and wrestle in Japan," he said. "So, that would be one. Two, I would like to become AEW Champion. That is the ultimate goal, I would say World Champion. In the meantime I would also obviously want to be the TNT Champion, those are more long-term goals. And number three, I think Is impress William Regal. That is my most immediate goal right now, to impress the three of those guys; Moxley, Danielson, and Regal."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit AEW Unrestricted with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.