Adam Scherr Teasing New Gimmick Based On Heath Ledger’s The Joker?

Since his departure from WWE in 2021, Adam Scherr (fka WWE's Braun Strowman) has never been one to avoid controversy or be afraid to upset the apple cart.

The newly dubbed 'Titan', has teased on Twitter, yet another gimmick change since his WWE debut in 2014. This time, the big man dawns a suit while waving a blade around on the screen. He punctuates the video by looking into the camera and uttering Heath Ledger's infamous line from The Dark Night where he portrayed The Joker, "Why so serious?"


The former Wyatt Family 'Black Sheep', has depicted a number of different characters and personalities since turning to professional wrestling and this 'Joker' inspired teaser clip could be the latest in a series of diverse portrayals by the former Monster Among Men. It's worth noting that AEW's Owen Hart Memorial Cup tournament does feature a "Joker" in its brackets.

Adam Scherr has spent much of his time since leaving WWE in 2021 promoting his new promotion 'Control Your Narrative', alongside fellow WWE alumnus EC3. The promotion thus far has courted much controversy, with its outlandish claims in regards to being blacklisted by certain media outlets, and by larger companies such as AEW.