Big news came out of yesterday’s AEW fan fest due to MJF being a no-show, but what about the positive, memorable moments from the event?

According to Reddit user FiveSecondPoses, there were plenty of moments throughout the day that were worth jotting down. You can see the full series of notes below:

* The first panel of the day were the figure reveals, and it was so nice to hear the large pop when the JR/Tony Schavonie/Excalibur Ringside Exclusives were announced.

* As soon as they announced that the limited edition Kenny Omega was being sold at the Shop Booth, there was a mad rush. I actually got mine slightly later so they had a sizable amount of the 3000 made there at the Fan Fest.

* Outside of the paid for Meet and Greets, there was a good number of free photo opportunities with various other wrestlers. Jade seemed pretty fun to meet, Nyla and Red Velvet were up for a while as well, as was Nakazawa and Takeshita

* Special shout outs to The Acclaimed, who were the group I got to meet while I was in line. They were super fun, were willing to scissor everyone [with their fingers], and were out there for like a legit hour and a half. Super cool dudes.

* The AEW Games panel was a blast. It was Danhausen and Evil Uno vs. John Silver and 10 in a game of pictionary. Highlights included John Silver drawing Harry Potter instead of Dignity, Danhausen mistaking Evil Uno’s cat Flex for Felix, Danhausen correctly guessing “Tiger in a Leather Jacket Surfing,” and 10 drawing only like two lines and Silver correctly guessing Alan Angels AKA “The Worst Member of the Dark Order”

* Afterwards there was a Q&A, the highlight was a little kid asking 10 why he chose that name, and 10 explaining it was given to him by Brodie after it was discovered that he could only count to 10. Kid responds, “Yeah, that makes sense.” And as they are moving on to the next question, the entire panel wonders why exactly that makes sense.

* So throughout the Fan Fest, they were playing various AEW themes over the loudspeakers. The absolute funniest part of the day was when Cody Rhodes’s theme accidentally came on (I assume someone forgot to update the playlist). The ENTIRE ROOM started booing. Like, it was deafening in there. The boos continued until they quickly faded out the song, and the pop was absolutely insane.

* I only purchased the Kris Statlander signing (She was super awesome!) but from what I saw, it looked like BCC, House of Black, and Eddie Kingston were having the time of their lives meeting fans.

* I’m not gonna spoil anything about the BTE Championship match, but that was the true highlight of the event. The pop for Adam Cole coming out was second only to Cody’s theme fading out, and the crowd was hot for all the twists and turns of the match-up. And Cole/Daniels were soooooo good playing to the crowd.

As mentioned, the big news that came out of yesterday’s AEW Fan Fest centered around MJF no-showing his scheduled meet & greet and then booking a potential flight out of Las Vegas. You can read the latest updates on that situation at this link.

Another AEW star, the ROH World TV Champion Samoa Joe, also ended up missing out on his AEW Fan Fest appearance despite being scheduled. This was reportedly due to Joe being double-booked for a voiceover project at the same time as his scheduled appearance.

You can see the full card for tonight’s AEW “Double or Nothing” pay-per-view at this link. Stay tuned to Wrestling Inc. for live coverage and your viewing party!

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