The reason that Madcap Moss was written off television with an injury angle recently is that there have reportedly been pitches for him to undergo a gimmick change.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is considering switching up the Madcap Moss character now that he is working as a babyface. The 2022 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner has been portraying this gimmick since joining the main roster with Happy Corbin, originally playing a heel.

While it is not a lock that Madcap Moss will get a brand new character, it is at least under consideration at the moment, therefore when he returns to television we could see him getting a radical or moderate on-screen transformation. Right now, it is not clear how much the company is planning on changing, whether that be just his look, a name change, or some other tweak to the gimmick.

Even after turning babyface Madcap has been working a similar character in terms of telling jokes, while he has used the same music, and worn the same clothes. During “SmackDown” last week he was attacked by his former partner, with Corbin’s beatdown being so brutal Moss ended up in an ambulance.

Corbin used a chair to beat down Madcap, then trapped his neck inside of it and used the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy to inflict further damage slamming the trophy down and causing it to trap around Madcap’s neck. It was a brutal looking spot.

While the injury angle is something that appears to be being done to add heat to their storyline and write Moss off television, WWE did put out a statement, “Madcap Moss has sustained a cervical contusion as a result of Happy Corbin’s attack on SmackDown.”

It is unknown at this time when Madcap Moss is going to be returning to WWE television.

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