At WWE Crown Jewel in October 2021, Goldberg defeated Bobby Lashley in a No Holds Barred match, ending a feud that had started months earlier when Lashley defeated Goldberg to retain his WWE Championship at Summerslam. With the two wrestlers currently tied at one win apiece, Lashley teased the possibility of a third match during an exclusive interview with SO CATCH by Hal 2 on YouTube.

“I’m a fan of wrestling across the board,” Lashley said. “I’m one of those guys that you’re probably never going to hear anything negative come out of my mouth, especially about anybody in the business. But I like Goldberg. I mean, Goldberg’s such a big name. We know Goldberg, he comes out there, and you know, Goldberg is Goldberg.

“To me, it was a challenge because having a match with him and then just being out there and seeing the spectacle that goes around Goldberg, I enjoyed it. If Goldberg ever needs to come back, I’m one of those guys that will raise my hand and take it any time.”

Lashley also spoke about his ability to wrestle different styles of opponents throughout the years, saying he enjoys the challenge of getting to face all the different stars on the roster.

“I like to go against anyone,” the former WWE Champion said. “There are so many different styles that you can get in the ring with,” Lashley said. “That’s what’s cool about the roster now. I was in a roster before where there was a bunch of different guys. Now moving into this roster, people ask me what’s the difference between the rosters, it’s just different styles.

“There’s so many cool styles that I get to be in the ring with. You know, you have somebody like a Ricochet, and then you have somebody like a Omos, then you have somebody like a Drew [McIntyre]. These are three completely different styles, so it’s always cool to go out there and have an opportunity to see these different styles. Then you have the Goldberg style, the Brock [Lesnar] style. I like it, man, I’m a kid in a candy store.”

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