During the latest Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T gave his thoughts on Ronda Rousey admitting she doesn’t always remember spots ahead of time. For him, that isn’t a problem, as he often had that issue during his own career. Booker also thinks that it proves Ronda is trying to work things out in wrestling.

“Ronda Rousey has had a stellar career. MMA, she’s taken the wrestling world by storm. Ronda Rousey had put out a statement saying a lot of the stuff she goes out to perform, she can’t remember it. She’s relying on the person that she’s working with to get her through that. Personally, I just want to say this right now, ain’t no shame at all in that forgetting stuff.

“I forgot stuff all the time, I couldn’t remember anything. Somewhere in the match, I’d be like, ‘where are we?’ ‘We are here,’ ‘okay,’ then I’d figure it out. That’s something that happens in the wrestling business all the time, so I can’t put any blame on Ronda for that. But her saying that just shows you how well she’s trying to figure this out.”

Booker T then went on to state that a defeat for Ronda Rousey could continue the idea that she’s still learning.

“A loss, even a tap-out loss for Ronda especially after making a statement like that, will set it up as far as, ‘I’m still learning and I got caught.’ Next thing you know, down the line — and I don’t want to book this thing, it’s just the way wrestling normally happens. Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair might end up being the best of friends,” he said. “So a whole lot can happen with this thing, but I would definitely lean towards Charlotte. Because I am looking at Ronda to try to fight through some obstacles. I need that heel to actually make that babyface chase if I am booking it.”

Booker T thinks that WWE needs to have Ronda Rousey lose some matches to build some sympathy for her. He doesn’t want the audience to just assume she will be dominant, making everyone tag out.

“As I say, for me to have the babyface chasing, that’s just a part of the business,” he said. “That’s trying to get those fans who are on the babyfaces side to come to the arena to get behind that babyface. To get them over the hump, I get it, I understand it. That’s the route I would go as well. Ronda, we can always put her back in position but I feel like we’ve got to get some sympathy for her.

“We’ve got to get people feeling a certain way about Ronda Rousey. Opposed to just every time Ronda Rousey comes out, they think she’s going to make somebody tap out and get the win. Just because she came from the UFC, we can’t condition the fans to think that way.”

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