Booker T has weighed in on Stephanie McMahon’s recent decision to take a leave of absence from WWE, which he believes is, “well earned.”

Stephanie had released a statement claiming that she is going to be focusing on her family for the time being, leaving her role as the Chief Brand Officer. During a recent episode of his “Hall Of Fame podcast,” the former World Champion weighed in on it, claiming, “people speculate on everything,” in relation to reports he has read about Nick Khan taking over Stephanie’s responsibilities. This is something that has been claimed, but that is something he could be doing on a short-term basis until someone else is found.

It is unclear if there is an underlying reason as to why Stephanie is deciding to step away from her role with the company,  but it is believed to be a personal and private situation. Of course, Triple H dealt with some very serious health complications last year that led to his eventual retirement from in-ring competition.

Booker believes that if he was in her shoes he, “would probably have taken a leave of absence a long time ago.”

“It just seems like people want to find something controversial to be able to talk about … Her taking time off means nothing other than she’s taking time off. Shane McMahon has taken time off several times, he’s always come back,” Booker pointed out. “He’s taken more time off. I don’t look at it like most because everybody’s looking for a story. And me, like you said, Stephanie has been in the trenches for a long time. To take a break, I think is a break well needed.”

While Stephanie is walking away from her job with WWE right now, Triple H has reportedly returned to work full-time for the company, albeit in a different role than before. It is not clear exactly what has changed about his personal role in the company at this point.

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