Reason Stephanie McMahon Took Leave Of Absence From WWE Is Reportedly “A Private & Personal Matter”

New reports are echoing that there's more to the story regarding Stephanie McMahon's leave of absence from WWE.

As noted earlier this week, it was announced that Stephanie would be taking a break from the company but intends to eventually resume her duties as Chief Brand Officer. News that broke at the time of the announcement claimed that there was likely more to the story but anyone close to the situation was keeping tight-lipped about her decision.

Wade Keller's latest edition of "PWTorch Dailycast" also touched on the subject, and he personally expects more details about the story to eventually come out. But even if they do, he doesn't necessarily expect any of the motivations for taking a break to make big headlines.

"I have been told not to expect the reasons that Stephanie is stepping away to come out. But the implication is, there are reasons. So this isn't going to be a public scandal, but it's something. That's about as much as I think I can say right now, based on the indications I've gotten from talking to people who know or know Stephanie and Hunter, or know people who know them. And yeah, [they] are giving me indications of things.

"Whatever is going on, sounds like it's just very private," Keller said. "And I have not been given any indications of what that is. And so, it's a private and personal matter, it could have to do with Vince McMahon, or Shane McMahon, or Triple H."

Dave Scherer at "PWInsider" says he has heard a number of stories explaining what led to the decision being made, but until he can confirm one of them, we only have the reasons WWE provided.

"I have heard a lot of stories and frankly, until we can confirm them, I am not going to speculate," he writes. " I don't think it's responsible or fair to be quite frank.  All I will say is I do believe there is a lot more to it than we know right now."

Stephanie's husband, WWE Hall of Famer Paul 'Triple H' Levesque has returned to his position as Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development since suffering a cardiac event last year. The circumstances led to Triple H announcing his in-ring retirement at "WrestleMania 38" this past April.

WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan will be responsible for Stephanie's duties going forward, and all those who previously reported to Stephanie will be reporting to Khan.