Backstage WWE Office Updates On Stephanie McMahon And Triple H

While there is no time frame for her return, Stephanie McMahon will resume her duties as WWE's Chief Brand Officer in the future, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It was also noted that Paul "Triple H" Levesque has returned to his office duties full-time after suffering a cardiac event last year. During his absence, Stephanie was apparently forced to take on many of his responsibilities.

Dave Meltzer reports that Stephanie's leave of absence was absolutely her choice and the decision to step away from WWE for a while had been made some time ago. This is not something Stephanie decided to do yesterday nor does it sound like she was forced or pressured to relieve her duties.

Although Stephanie was contemplating taking a break for some time, it was also noted that virtually no one within WWE knew about Stephanie's impending exit except for a few who remained tight-lipped until Stephanie released the info on Twitter. This echos reports from yesterday about who within WWE knew this was coming.

In Stephanie's tweet, she mentioned that she was taking time away to focus on her family. Although that is a big part of the reason for her departure, it was also stated that there is likely more to it and the few people who knew weren't saying much except that some of the basic reasons being given are not accurate.

As far as what Stephanie's decision means for the future of WWE, at this point, there's only speculation.

The newsletter also confirmed what Wrestlenomics reported last night, that WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan will be taking over most of Stephanie's duties with immediate effect. Furthermore, all those who previously reported to Stephanie will now be reporting to Khan.

Stephanie McMahon has been the public face of WWE for nearly two decades. Besides being the CBO, she is a member of the WWE's Board of Directors and aside from Vince McMahon, she remains the only original McMahon family member actively working for the company. Stephanie also owns 2.5 percent of the WWE stock which is valued around $116 million.