Brody King Responds To Criticism Of House Of Black/Julia Hart Angle

AEW star Brody King sat down with Innes McVey of Inside the Ropes to talk about his run with the House of Black stable.

The group, consisting of King, Buddy Matthews, and Malakai Black has been involved in a long-running storyline with Julia Hart. Fans have been impatient to see the payoff over the last several months and for King, he believes fans get frustrated waiting for payoffs, but will ultimately be satisfied when they get what they are waiting for.


"I feel like the fans want instant gratification at all times and then they get frustrated when they have to wait for it," King said. "But once it all pans out and you finally see the finished product and why these things are happening, then they go 'oh!'. Then they get to see these callbacks and all these little Easter eggs and hints they were given along the way. If we saw Avengers: Endgame before we saw the 20 movies before that, and Thanos just got defeated, it's like 'oh. Okay?'

"They get you more invested and get you to this point where you have to wait for it and you want it and you're just dying for it, then it finally happens and you're like 'yes! That is why I waited this long for it!' Not to say this is as complex as that but I feel like wrestling is, at times, missing that factor of making fans wait for it, making them beg for it, and at times criticize it because they're not getting it. When my three-year-old wants ice cream and I tell him he's got to wait for dinner, he's going to yell at me until he gets it. But then when he eats, he's happy about it!"


The storyline with House of Black and Julia Hart began in December, before Brody King's AEW debut, when Malakai Black sprayed the black mist into Hart's eyes, leading to a slow change of attitude for Hart ever since. It should be noted the initial angle took place in Long Island, New York, which will be the site of this week's episode of AEW Dynamite.

To quote this article, please credit Innes McVey of Inside the Ropes and provide an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription