CM Punk Responds To Rumors He Is Not Well Liked In AEW Locker Room

In the lead-up to their match at Sunday's Double or Nothing pay-per-view, Hangman Page stated in a promo that he plans on "defending All Elite Wrestling" from CM Punk, insinuating that talents backstage aren't very fond of the former WWE Champion.


At the Double or Nothing post-event media scrum, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked Punk if he had truly blended in with the rest of the AEW roster backstage or if he feels like more of an outsider.

"I've grown so wise in my old age that I'll do my best to be as diplomatic as I possibly can with this answer," Punk responded. "If there are people backstage that don't like me, it's a minority. If anybody says that nobody wants me here, or nobody likes me, I'd like to say that nobodies don't like me, and nobodies don't want me here."

As noted earlier, Punk was overcome with emotion in his post-match speech Sunday, emphasizing that he "earned" the AEW World Title with his blood, sweat, and tears.


"Deserves has got nothing to do with it, I f—ing earned this," Punk told fans at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Punk would also thank the AEW locker room in his post-match speech.

"Everybody in the back, everybody behind the camera – whether they're making money or spending money – they're the reason I'm here," CM Punk said. "I appreciate every single one of you. This s–t is hard, but everything worth it in life is hard. Thank you, Las Vegas. This is our first million-dollar house [gate], this is the biggest crowd we've ever had in an indoor arena, and I promise you ain't seen nothing yet! Thank you Las Vegas, let's f—ing go!"