Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated about Roman Reigns, and how he views himself as the best in the world.

The American Nightmare and the Tribal Chief have been kept apart so far in WWE, but Cody was no shy about giving his thoughts on the WWE Universal Undisputed Champion.

“Roman Reigns and I, we haven’t had any interactions yet,” Rhodes says. “We haven’t crossed paths in the ring. I’ve seen enough to know he is incredible, and even better when you see him up close. So this isn’t the easiest path I’ve chosen. But I know I can do this.”

Even though Roman holds the top gold in WWE, Cody Rhodes believes that he is the best wrestler in the world. Rhodes knows those comments may upset some fans, but he believes each week he needs to improve.

“I think I’m the best wrestler in the world. And I think it’s by a large margin,” he said. “That upsets a lot of people, but I don’t mean it to draw ire. This is all I do. I’m not in charge. I’m here to hone my craft, build my body, and win matches. Every week, I have to be better. That’s the ultimate clarity for me.”

For Cody Rhodes, he is pushing himself, and the former AEW star wants FOX to come calling for him, as he wants it all.

“I’m on the flagship show. Look at the pyro and grandeur. Hats off to Kevin Dunn and his team for taking the ‘American Nightmare’ and expanding upon it. I know I must be better every week. That’s the only way I can stay the best in the world. Week to week, I’m putting myself under a microscope. Go ahead and put all the microscopes in the world on me. I want FOX to come calling. I did it for Turner Media and I got a great education at my last spot. Bring it on; I want it all.”

When it comes to proving who is the best between him and Roman Reigns, that needs to be settled in the ring.

“I can’t answer that question until we’re in the ring,” Rhodes says. “The difference between the two best wrestlers in the world is that one has both titles to prove it. The WWE championship is the biggest title in the game. That’s never been in dispute, and that’s not a knock on any title anywhere else. The way to define the best in the world is the one holding the belt, and that’s Roman Reigns.”

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