During the latest Hall Of Fame podcast episode, Booker T discussed the current situation surrounding Roman Reigns. There have been conflicting reports about the Tribal Chief’s schedule moving forward. But either way, he is expected to be working less frequently when it comes to live events. It has led to mixed responses from fans, and Booker points out people are hard to please.

“It’s hard to make people happy, so I don’t think you should think about what people want in certain aspects, especially as far as this goes. For one moment, people are talking about wrestler’s work too damn much,” he said. “And now, he’s gone to take some time off and they say he’s just a part-timer.

“Which one is it? You can’t have both. For me, as a promoter, if I can protect Roman Reigns and preserve him because he is a guy that I feel is a high marquee guy for the company, why wouldn’t I do that?”

Booker T pointed out that fans can easily switch their opinion on people regularly. He used Cody Rhodes as an example, but stated that fans could turn on Roman Reigns if he doesn’t appear.

“You know what, they probably would,” he said on fans turning on Roman. “There again, the fans, a lot of times, they want what they want. Maybe WWE fans are different. Cody Rhodes, they hated him going out of AEW, and now they seem to love Cody Rhodes.”

Roman Reigns has been working frequently at the main event level from the moment he returned to WWE after his hiatus. Because of that, Booker T believes he deserves a break.

“If Roman takes some time off, damn it, he deserves it. Bottom line,” he said.

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