Conrad Thompson recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily about Ric Flair’s impending final match at Starrcast V.

The popular podcast host is bringing back Starrcast during WWE SummerSlam weekend and as part of the festivities, he will be resurrecting Jim Crockett Promotions for one night only. This event will see the Nature Boy compete in his final match and some fans have expressed concern for Flair’s well-being due to his age and various surgeries over the years. Former WCW commentator Chris Cruise has been publicly against Ric Flair wrestling again and went as far as to request that the Maryland State Commission blocked it.

“I know that Ric if he was asked this question would probably be combative but I understand that it comes from a good place it comes from a place of concern and love,” he said. “I mean, everybody wants to see our favorite legends and heroes live forever and do what they do forever, we all have different ideas of what that is, but at the end of the day, this is Ric’s decision. More importantly than that, he is my father-in-law so we have had a lot of conversations about that, he has been cleared by his doctor, he is good to go. He has been training at a high level for a long time. He is really, really proud of his cardio, we actually recorded his podcast earlier today and he was bragging about how many squats he can do, and how long, and how much he can do on the rowing machine.”

For Conrad Thompson, he would rather listen to the medical professionals and Ric himself when it comes to whether or not this match should go ahead.

“He went through a whole battery of tests and got a rating, and the doctor said, ‘you’re good to go,’ so if his doctor approves it and Ric approves it and it’s something Ric wants to do, I feel like we go with that rather than, no offense, a commentator he probably hasn’t talked to in 30 years,” Conrad stated. “I am not upset that Mr. Cruise has concerns, I know that there’s a whole contingent of internet fans that don’t like Mr. Cruise, but if he’s trying to make wrestling a better, safer place and take care of those folks that we grew up watching and loving, I think that’s great. But at the same time, I think he probably doesn’t have all the information.”

Since the match was announced there has been a lot of speculation regarding potential opponents for Flair, with Ricky Steamboat’s name being reported at one point. ‘The Dragon’ recently revealed he turned down the chance to wrestle and Conrad Thompson has been disappointed with all the speculation on this from people trying to get scoops.

“I never said FTR is in it, I have never said The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express is in it, all we have announced is that it’s Ric Flair’s last match and there’s been lots of speculation and lots of folks rushing to have the scoop and make a post, and they are posting inaccurate stuff. In an effort to try and break the news they are making the news and they are changing the news and that’s disappointing, but the reality is Ric Flair has his last match. We have a seven-match card mapped out and we haven’t announced it yet, the folks that have been contacted know that they’ve been contacted and it is what it is. But, we do have a plan and it is going to be a great show, it is not a one-match event.”

Wrestling Inc.’s full interview will premiere today at 5:30 pm EST on our YouTube channel. Full audio will also be included as part of today’s The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast.

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