When Women’s Tag Team Champions Naomi and Sasha Banks left the building during “WWE Monday Night Raw,” allegedly citing creative differences with the company, many questioned whether the situation was real or part of a storyline. However, WWE commentator Jimmy Smith has since confirmed that the walk-out was 100% legit, and more news is cropping up about the situation every day.

While the broadcast was happening, the “Raw” announce team got word of the news, and Corey Graves said on commentary that Sasha and Naomi “summarily and unprofessionally walked out” of the WWE, which led to graves taking some heavy criticism on social media. While his wife Carmella came to his defense, stating that the “Raw” commentator was just doing his job, Graves himself spoke on the situation on the latest episode of “WWE After the Bell.”

“There’s speculations and rumors all over the place,” Graves stated. “I was on the air when it went down, I only know the information that was provided to me, and in the days since, while everybody continues to speculate. I don’t have any more information. I don’t know enough about the circumstance or the situation or which side did what, so I’m just going to avoid it.

“I’m being perfectly honest and transparent with everybody. I would love to dive into this conversation because it’s set the internet on fire, everybody’s got an opinion, everybody has a point of view. I don’t know enough facts about what actually went down to speak on it with any confidence. All I know is what you guys know, and I was getting updates throughout the show on Monday as needed because we were doing a show. So if there comes a point in time where it becomes something we know facts about, I will happily dive into that for our listeners’ pleasure. Until then, we’re just going to stick with what we know.”

Several reports have come out regarding the situation, with Fightful Select reporting mixed feelings backstage in WWE — some members of the locker room are supportive of the Banks and Naomi, while others don’t believe their actions were justified.

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