Darby Allin was one of Cody Rhodes’ top rivals in AEW. They battled over the TNT Championship in 2020 and also joined forces on occasion. Allin was recently asked about Rhodes leaving AEW and returning to WWE.

“I’m just happy if he’s happy,” Darby Allin told the New York Post. “That’s all it comes down to. [There are] different roads everyone can take on this journey in professional wrestling. I know I wouldn’t be happy doing anything outside of AEW because of all the free time, all the skating that I get to do, and all my side projects, and the craziness. I can’t be tied down to following a schedule that much. But if he finds that happiness, that’s all that’s important. That’s all that really matters to me. It’s nobody’s business but his own.”

Darby Allin is grateful to Cody Rhodes for the role he played in his introduction to AEW. Allin’s debut match in AEW was against Rhodes.

“He saw the passion that I had to be in AEW in the beginning, and that’s why he chose me to wrestle him at Fyter Fest (in 2019),” Allin recalled. “That was my debut. We went to a 20-minute broadway. To kind of take a relative unknown and work a wrestler like myself at the time and do that, is very special.”

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