During the latest episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, AEW superstar Dustin Rhodes joined to talk about his struggles with addiction, his time in WWE as Goldust, and his current run with AEW as a wrestler and coach.

Dustin also spoke about his memorable match with his brother Cody from AEW Double or Nothing in 2019. The two brothers wrestled for the first time that night, leaving it all in the ring, blood, sweat, and tears, leaving Dustin to say it was the most special night he’s had in the wrestling business.

“Having an opportunity to work with my brother and not knowing what to expect with the AEW audience, had no idea if I’d get any reaction at all, then just the fact that we went out there and I got a reaction,” Rhodes said. “The match was like for me, perfect. It was a long time coming that we weren’t allowed in WWE to do. Stardust, Goldust, just serious brother vs. brother and it’s hard to do. It’s hard to do if you look at all the brothers vs. brothers, there’s nothing good to come from them.

“I’ll never do it again, I’ll never wrestle him again, it did a lot to me that night. Right when I left [WWE], I was kind of like ‘oh god, what do I do?’ I was tired, I lost my passion, and that night I recaptured it. It was a very special night, probably the most special night I had so far in the business. The stars aligned, everything was perfect for it, it was storying driven, compelling, and everything you could possibly want from an audience to enjoy. All the emotions, crying, happiness, bleeding. [The blood] was a little excessive that night.”

His brother Cody has been dominating wrestling headlines since his move back to WWE and constant mentions about how he is aspiring to be WWE Champion. Dustin Rhodes spoke about his brother’s return to WWE at WrestleMania 38 and revealed his honest reaction to Cody’s shocking decision to depart AEW.

“I was happy for him but I also miss him already, I miss him being there but I know he’s young,” Dustin said. “Go do your thing. I’m very happy for him, I’m like, ‘hey man, more power to you, go and get that title. Win it all and do your stuff.’”

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