Edge’s Stable Gets A New Member At WWE WrestleMania Backlash

Edge was able to secure another victory over AJ Styles at WWE WrestleMania Backlash, this time with the help of the latest member of the Judgment Day faction, Rhea Ripley.

The former RAW and NXT Women's Champion has joined forces with the WWE Hall Of Famer during his match against AJ. Edge was competing in a rematch from WWE WrestleMania 38, and once again he was the man who had his arm raised. Much like at 'Mania, it was AJ Styles who dominated the contest.


The Phenomenal One appeared to have things wrapped up as he headed to the top turnbuckle to his a modified Phenomenal Forearm due to his shoulder injury. But this led to Damian Priest appearing at ringside, despite the fact he was banned. Edge's right-hand man turned up, but purposefully stood far enough away to not break the rules.

Finn Balor then appeared, evening the odds as he brawled Priest away from the ring. But Edge had another ace up his sleeve, as a masked wrestler pushed AJ Styles off the top rope. This then led to the man who sits atop of the mountain of omnipotence getting the victory. After the match, Edge revealed that Rhea Ripley was underneath the mask.

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