Gurv Sihra Of The Bollywood Boyz Comments On WWE's Veer Mahaan

One half of The Bollywood Boyz, Gurv Sihra recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. owner Raj Giri on The Wrestling Inc. Daily about Veer Mahan.

WWE's recently debuted him on RAW as a monster heel, but Gurv believes he could end up transitioning to something else.


"I mean, this is just the beginning, right? You take what you get, and you make the most of it, and then you can transition from there, you know what I'm saying? He's created so much buzz already just on social media leading up to his debut there, or his return to RAW. For him, the best thing is just to do what he's doing," he said. "Because if he continues to do what he does, then eventually he can transition and evolve into the next character or whatever it is he will get into."

Throughout Gurv Sihra's WWE career he made a major change as well. He and his brother went from The Bollywood Boyz to The Singh Brothers, which he admitted was awkward. But he thinks it is now important for Veer to make the most of his opportunities.


"Even for us, when we went from The Bollywood Boyz on 205, or NXT, and CWC, to The Singh Brothers, that was a transition for us. Okay, so now we are going to lose our gear. And we are going to just wear slacks, and a dress shirt, black dress pants? It's awkward, but you've got to embrace it, and make the most of it, and see what happens," he said. "For him, that's all he can really do, especially being so new to the business."

One of the most important storylines of Gurv Sihra's WWE career came against Randy Orton. This saw him and his brother take some major bumps while Orton feuded with Jinder Mahal. He revealed that WWE had a medical team waiting for them after their first encounter with him due to how the bumps looked.

"It's funny, when we got to the back after the finish of the match they had the medical team waiting for us. We walked through the curtain into Gorilla, and had two, three trainers," Gurv Sihra said. "And everyone in there like, 'are you guys okay?' We were like, 'yeah, we are good.' We just posted that picture on Twitter recently for Randy's 20th, and people are like, 'oh, such a nasty-looking bump.'

"Little do people know that honestly, first of all, we are lighter than Randy. So, no matter what he does we are going to go up in the air. Second of all, we wanted to make it look good. We didn't want to sandbag or anything like that or not go high enough. For us, it was our opportunity to shine. We wanted to make sure that bump looked as surreal or killer as possible. It's like what The Hardys were doing when they first broke in. They wanted to make sure everything that they did looked insane."


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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