Kota Ibushi Gives Emotional Update On NJPW Falling Out

Things just went from bad to worse for the relationship between New Japan Pro Wrestling and Kota Ibushi.

After a series of tweets two weeks ago that seemed to put their working relationship in jeopardy, there appeared to be a bit of a thaw in the estrangement over the weekend. Ibushi had largely gone silent on Twitter since March 14, save for commenting on his 40th birthday this past Friday, while New Japan openly wished their former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion happy birthday on Saturday, providing some slight hope at reconciliation.

Those hopes appear to be gone again, however, after Ibushi resurfaced earlier today on social media, firing off another round of tweets regarding the situation between himself and New Japan. Ibushi's tweets were once again translated by Twitter user @golden_kuma.

"I know this is sudden but I can no longer bare [sic] to watch so I'll tell you," Ibushi tweeted. "Previously, I brought up his name and the screenshot that is totally true. I wasn't sure if I should tell it, but it's unbearable for me to see my mother in her current condition.

"First of all, they still haven't apologized. Kikuchi and Ohbari probably don't have guilt feelings. They didn't even meet me to give a notice of my release. It was merely via LINE. My mother contacted me with concern, perhaps noticing my distress. I had reached my limit, so I talked to my mother about that sudden LINE message and the power harassment-esque treatments that I received, then she said in a weak voice, 'It's okay to leave.'"

It was then Ibushi made the most shocking, and horrifying, revelation of the whole ordeal.

"The next day, my mother attempted suicide," Ibushi tweeted. "She clearly said that she could not forgive Kikuchi and the current president. That is why I will fight until the end. They did something that is absolutely unforgivable. I wasn't able to get in touch with my mother to meet her in person. I will only manage to talk to her through someone else in the near future. I have already consulted my agent.

"Kikuchi and the current president, do you understand? My mother attempted suicide right after Mother's Day. That is a remotely attempted murder. It's a miracle that she's alive, but can you heal her hip bone? There is more to say, but it'll cause trouble for others."

As there was some confusion regarding Ibushi's language in the tweets, both @golden_kuma and fellow translater @thefeelite noted that Ibushi is claiming that his mother attempted suicide due to the actions by New Japan President Takami Ohbari and New Japan higher up Yusuke Kikuchi towards him, not that the duo actually attempted to murder her.

As with Ibushi's other tweets, New Japan hasn't issued a comment at this time.