Malcolm Bivens Addresses Rumors Regarding WWE Release

A week after being released from WWE, Malcolm Bivens is already back at it, performing a comedy set called Malcolm at the Stand. Part of the set was released on his Twitter account, and Bivens wasn't shy about addressing his recent departure or even cracking wise about it.


"I hate to say it; I have to control my narrative," Bivens joked.

Soon after, however, Malcolm Bivens seriously addressed his departure from WWE, confirming many details reported last week. He revealed he did turn down a contract offer in February, indicated he hadn't been contacted about managing Omos on the main roster, though a main roster spot was offered to him, ad that ultimately he wasn't happy in WWE.

"So here's the truth," Bivens said. "There's a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation. Was I offered a contract in February? Yes. Did I say no to said contract? Yes.

"Was I offered to be with Omos? No. No one said a word to me about managing Omos. Was I told about the main roster? Yes. People, they think I'm crazy. 'Malcolm, you threw away millions potentially. You walked away!' Yeah, I did, because I didn't want to do it anymore.


"Unfortunately, I wasn't happy. At Stand & Deliver, I had a conversation with the head writer and I told him so. And then two weeks ago I said the same thing. 'I don't think this was for me.' And that's okay because your happiness isn't dictated by what people say you should do. Happiness is dictated by what you think you should do. There's a difference, right? It's been an interesting few days, I'll put it to you that way."

Malcolm Bivens also brought up that former Diamond Mine stablemate Julius Creed brought up that several people in the NXT locker room were also shocked by his departure, prompting Bivens to joke about the NXT UK Brand, including one joke that Nick Khan had forgotten about the brand. He would ultimately conclude by shouting out his former Diamond Mine partners and indicating what his future in pro wrestling could look like.

"Shout out to Brutus. Shout out to Julius, Ivy," Bivens said. "I'm going to miss them. I love them like they're my kids. But sometimes in life, you have to move on. People ask me, or they have been asking me 'Malcolm, is this it for you? Is this it for you as far as pro wrestling goes?' For now, I have to say yes. I have to say yes. But would I come back? Maybe. Maybe, for the right price."


You can see the full video below.