It looks like there is indeed a much more elaborate story to Stephanie McMahon stepping away from WWE.

As noted earlier this month, Stephanie McMahon made the decision to take a break from her role as Chief Brand Officer for WWE. Though she pointed toward family as the biggest reason for her decision, it was noted in reports at the time that there was more to the story than was being revealed.

Updates that followed were still vague, but they claimed it was a very private and personal matter that contributed to Stephanie’s move. In the latest episode of “We’re Live Pal,” Andrew Zarian, Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, and Garrett Gonzalez discussed the matter further, with Zarian delivering new insight on what triggered Stephanie to take a leave of absence.

“[I had a] very bizarre conversation, I’ll tell you that. I didn’t expect that phone call. It was a phone call that kind of veered into a discussion about Steph. So I asked and I was like, ‘Hey, anything I could add to this? What’s going on?’

“And, you know, some of the comments, I was shocked. One being that people internally, and this is coming from someone in the know in WWE, this wasn’t like a guy in catering, the comment was that internally, there was doubt put on Steph, her abilities as an executive. And a lot of this started after she absorbed some of Michelle Wilson’s responsibilities after she left, one being ad sales and sponsorship. And the comment that I found interesting was that they mentioned that the investors were questioning why they weren’t performing as well. And internally, there was some questioning as to why that wasn’t performing.”

Stephanie appeared on WWE TV recently, introducing Olympic gold medalist and signed WWE talent, Gable Steveson during night one of “WrestleMania 38”.

Off television, Stephanie has been recognized as the Chief Brand Officer for nearly a decade now. She has been praised for her work with awards like the Corporate Leadership Award at the March of Dimes’ 38th Annual Sports Luncheon and being named one of Adweek’s 2021 Most Powerful Women In Sports.

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