There are not many people out there that can say that Kieran Culkin, brother of Macaulay and star of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”, has thrown a beer at them. One person who can say that though? AEW star and Dark: Elevation commentator Paul Wight.

In an interview with “ET Canada,” Wight was asked about the time the middle Culkin brother threw a beer at him, and if he even remembered it.

“No,” Wight said. “But it’s okay. I’ve been hit with beers. There was a lady in Memphis that used to carry a heavy object in her purse. If you were a bad guy, she’d hit you in the back with it if you got too close to her. The thing was, if you were new, the old guys wouldn’t smarten you up. So they’d position a match like, ‘Oh, right here. If you roll out to the floor right here, just stand in this corner and we’ll do something to you.’ And the lady, she was a fan favorite, everyone knew what she was going to do. Everyone was in on the spot, except you, and you’re the guy getting hit.”

Wight, who hopes to reprise his Captain Insano role in AEW, then shared a story about working a match at WCW Clash of the Champions back in January of 1996, which led to a fan tossing something at him that nearly injured him and a WWE Hall of Famer consoling him in the aftermath.

“I remember doing a match once with, I think it was Flair and I against Hogan and Savage in Vegas,” Wight recalled. “And somebody threw a nine-volt battery and the battery hit me right in the top of the head as Hogan or Savage was coming out. And I mean, man, it stung. I knew live TV was on and I didn’t want to rub my head and draw attention to it. I was trying to man up, but my eyes were watering, it stung so bad. I looked at Jimmy Hart and I said, ‘I just got hit in the head with a battery!’ And Jimmy Hart pats my arm and goes, ‘It’s okay, baby. You’re alright!'”

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