Paul Wight Will Portray Captain Insano In AEW

Fans will recall that Paul Wight had a famous appearance in the 1998 hit film The Waterboy as pro wrestler Captain Insano.

Now according to Wight, fans will get to see Captain Insano on future AEW shows. In an appearance on The Rob Brown Show, Wight revealed that Tony Khan had secured the rights to the Captain Insano character, almost a year after AEW first filed the trademark for the name.


"Tony Khan and I have some pretty fun stuff coming up in the future that him and I put together," Wight said. "So we've actually secured the rights to Captain Insano, so we are going to break out. Captain Insano will be coming out in the next couple of months, so that's why I've kind of toned down a little on the in-ring performing as well. We're kind of let that settle, doing the commentary work.

"I'm getting a wardrobe together now for the outfits. Max Dunbar, who is an incredible comic book design guy helped draw the outfit up for Captain Insano. We're getting that made now and before you know it, Captain Insano's going to be running wild in AEW dude."

Paul Wight is hopeful fans will be excited about the character change. He expects his Captain Insano to have more energy than his current persona.


"Hopefully the fans will be excited about him," Wight said." For me, it's just a chance to have fun and really apply a different character. The Captain Insano character is just going to have a lot more energy, a lot more enthusiasm from A to Z. So definitely when Captain Insano hits the scene, the party is going to be lit, to steal a word from the younger generation. I'm looking to have a lot of fun. Like I've got a luxurious cape too. So I'm super excited."

Asked whether he will be able to pull it off, Wight revealed he was confident in his abilities. He does wish he could have the long flowing hair he had as Captain Insano back in 1998 though.

"I'm a pretty talented guy," Wight said. "I'm really capable of getting into character. But I'm gonna tell you right now, I mean, I don't have the acting ability to make my hair grow back. You know? Captain Insano is a little bit more bald. He's cut the hair for a more streamlined headbutt approach. I don't know what kind of BS I just said right there but trust me, I miss that long mane of luxurious hair too."

To quote this article, please credit The Rob Brown Show and provide an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription